girls girls girls held their first exhibition in March 2018 with the plan of giving female artists a platform to showcase their work. In October 2017 we held our first open call for three months and just under two hundred artists responded from around the world. The work was judged by Emma Colbert, Lydia McCaig, Sarah Hardacre, Elena Gifford, Rebecca Johnson and Joanne Conlon. Twenty five artists exhibited at Prism Contemporary in Blackburn, North West England and was shown for two weeks.

Sadie Hennessy, Lou Hazelwood, Taylor Rianne, Laura Coyne, Angela Tait, Rebecca Lucy Taylor, Sarah Smith, Eden Mitsenmacher, Rebecca Tritschler, Chelsea Abbott, Grace Gelder, Natalie Wardle, Emma Colbert, Lydia McCaig, Melissa Every, Mollie Balshaw, Amit Haham, Caitlin Stracey, Hazel Roberts, Salma Noor, Alena Donely, Zane Skersiene, Harriet Simmons, Elizabeth Ronan, Penny Alexander, Jessye Curtis, Lyndsey Blezard and Tracey Vallance. 

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